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Lets have a look in to how to get hold of your next high by either buying magic mushrooms online or growing your own magic mushrooms.

Buying Magic Mushrooms Online UK

There are lots of online shops popping up on the clearnet as well as those still selling on the dark web. They both supply quality products and quick delivery. Mushrooms can be ordered from abroad which is mainly the case if you fancy trying magic truffles which are in most cases shipped from Amsterdam. The trouble with buying abroad for UK consumption is that you open yourself to the possibility of customs checking your parcel.

Buying Shrooms Online

Google “magic mushrooms online uk” and choose a reputable supplier with good feedback for their products and customer service. To keep your identity hidden it would be advisable to use Bitcoin for payment but for some people this is deemed too much hassle or they are unsure how to use it, bank transfer in this case is your next best option.

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Grow your Own Magic Mushrooms

Growing your own can be very satisfying and you know what your shrooms have been through before harvest, however there are many issues that make the process difficult and that if done incorrectly become pricey. First is the supply of quality spore syringes next is supply of quality spore bags and then the final process successful inoculation. The environment when you inoculate the spore bag needs to be 100% sterile, use 75% isopropyl alcohol on everything including your hands and latex gloves. You will start to see action in a successful bag after about 10 days where clusters of white mycelium are starting to form. The bag is ready once it is a solid white bag which will take between 30 – 60 days depending on strain and the temperature.